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Making Online Payments

The Department of Public Utilities now accepts credit card payments for utility bills through a third party vendor, Official Payments Corp.

There is a convenience fee for this service assessed by Official Payments Corp based upon the payment amount. After you enter the amount you wish to pay, the system will show you the fee and add the fee to the payment. You will have the option to authorize the payment. You may cancel the transaction if the fee is unacceptable to you. If you proceed with the transaction, upon completion the system will display a screen containing a receipt number.

Please allow two days for utility account processing. If you are making a payment on an account with a past due balance, please email Customer Service at PublicUtilities@co.hanover.va.us or call (804) 365-6024 with the confirmation number to avoid additional collection efforts.

What you will need to make a credit card payment:

  • ZIP Code or Jurisdiction Code (1089)
  • Public Utilities Account Number
  • Payment Amount
  • Credit Card Number/Expiration Date

To begin, click on this link: Official Payments Corp.